19 Marzo 2016 – Saturnino Eyewears

Oggi è passato a trovarci @saturnino69 /// prossimamente @saturninoeyewear apertif party @officinered_store e after party @cohousepigneto / Sabato 19 Marzo * Save the Date

saturninoeyewear apertif party @officinered_store e after party @cohousepigneto.

Saturnino Eye Wear was created by Saturnino Celani, bassist, composer and record producer. His musical style is defined by both the fusion and experimentation of diverse genres and strong originality. The binomial of passion and creativity is what led him to be known as an artist and to collaborate with the most important international musicians such as Jovanotti, Stylophonic, Franco Battiato. Glasses have always been his peculiarity, In time they made him into a character, and from simply being a lover and enthusiast of this accessory, he decided to invest his devotion and time to create his personal eyewear collection. His first designs have a planetary influence, inspired by his name, where each design represents a planet or a satellite. Sophisticated investigator of style and trends, he brings attention to small details that define the product’s value, demonstrating his genius and originality. The eyewear becomes an accessory which enhances beauty as well as the quirks and peculiarities that make us unique.